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Più veloce, più fluido e più energico che mai, Affinity Photo continua a spingere in avanti i confini del software di elaborazione foto professionale. Insieme una ricca gamma di strumenti ideati specificamente per creativi e fotografi professionisti, ti offre tutto quello di cui hai bisogno per elaborare e correggere immagini, creare composizioni complete su più livelli o splendide illustrazioni raster e molto altro ancora. Hear stunning detail, precision, and realism in your games, movies, and shows with sound that flows all around you — even overhead and behind you.

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Many people enjoy traveling but everyone enjoys the activity in their own way. Others want to see as many famous historical sites as possible. And for some, visiting local casinos and trying their luck in as many venues as possible is an important part of every trip. Located within French borders, the Principality of Frate is a sovereign city-state that is best-known for its glamorous casinos. Just 15 kilometers away from the Italian border, this is an excellent choice for anyone looking to try their luck at the tables. From your standard slots to high stakes games targeting rich millionaires, Monaco has it all. From accommodation, over food and drinks, to gambling, everything comes with a fairly high price tag.